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October 2007

Not Autistic or Hyperactive, She was just seeing double at times

New York Times recently wrote an article about a child who was misdiagnosed with Autism/ADHD, when in fact she had a Convergence Insufficiency. This disorder is one of the easiest binocular disorders to treat with Vision Therapy. As an infant, Raea Gragg was withdrawn and could not make eye contact. By preschool she needed to […]

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Dr. Wilamowski to speak October 10

North Penn Parents’ Special Education Council (NPSEC) An invitation to Family members of special education and general education students Special education teachers and support personnel General education teachers and support personnel School administrators School board members Vested community members Topic: Visual Processing and Interventions Time and Location: 7:00-9:00 pm Educational Services Center, 401 East Hancock […]

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