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Dr. Janet M. Wilamowski, Optometrist

Dr. Janet Wilamowski is a specially trained Developmental Optometrist, Vision Therapist, Pediatric Optometrist and CEO of Philadelphia’s original pioneering Vision Therapy Facility.

Serving the past twenty three years as a successful private practitioner, she developed a special interest in children with learning disabilities, and ultimately partnered with the widely published vision therapy researcher, Arthur S. Seiderman, O.D., adding many of his specialized techniques to her already growing portfolio of skills, and later succeeding him as CEO and owner of the Vision Development Center, which now has its operational headquarters in King of Prussia, PA.

Dr. Wilamowski is frequently called upon to speak to teacher and parent groups about the need for more extensive visual testing –beyond old fashioned eye-charts, especially in the current environment where children with visual disorders may be misdiagnosed as having learning disabilities or Attention Deficit Disorder. She prides herself in the outpouring of letters from parents and students she receives as these students’ and adults’ vision problems become properly diagnosed and successfully treated with Vision Therapy — resulting in increased school and job performance as well as enhanced self-esteem.

Dr. Janet M. Wilamowski, Optometrist

Dr. Wilamowski obtained her Doctor of Optometry degree in 1983 from New England College of Optometry in Boston, Massachusetts where her high academic achievements gained her scholarships and numerous academic honors including election to the National Optometric Honors Fraternity and a listing in Who’s Who.


If you or your child are concerned about symptoms you may be experiencing please take the vision symptoms survey and Dr. Wilamowski will evaluate your answers and respond back promptly whether your symptoms indicate vision therapy could be warranted.


Cliffy, Dr. Janet’s springer spaniel.

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