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Vision Therapy

Convergence insufficiency may affect 5-12 percent of American children

Image via Wikipedia According to the American Optometric Association, 60 percent of students identified as “problem learners” may actually have undetected vision problems. One of those problems could be something called convergence insufficiency. “They said, ‘Oh he does have this convergence insufficiency in his eyes,’ and I thought, ‘Oh that’s a big name for something, […]

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Larry Fitzgerald is helping eye doctors spread the word

Arizona Cardinals 2008 NFC West Champions’ wide-receiver, Larry Fitzgerald, is helping eye doctors spread the word to parents that vision problems can interfere with a child’s ability to pay attention, read and learn. “Even if you have been told your child has perfect vision or 20/20 vision , your child could still be at-risk of having a learning-related vision problem ,” warns Fitzgerald.

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Why Can’t My Child Read?

by Susan R. Barry, Ph.D. As another school year is brought to a close, we need to ask again why so many children struggle in their classes. Sometimes the answer is right in the front of our face. When I was in second grade, I did miserably on a standardized achievement test. The school principal […]

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Not Autistic or Hyperactive, She was just seeing double at times

New York Times recently wrote an article about a child who was misdiagnosed with Autism/ADHD, when in fact she had a Convergence Insufficiency. This disorder is one of the easiest binocular disorders to treat with Vision Therapy. As an infant, Raea Gragg was withdrawn and could not make eye contact. By preschool she needed to […]

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School Woes Are Caused By Disorder of Sight

DEAR ABBY: Please help me get the word out about a common condition that severely affects children’s ability to succeed in school because it inhibits reading, spelling and concentration.

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