Dr. Janet Wilamowski to give lecture at Radisson Hotel

by Dr. Janet

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Dr. Janet Wilamowski to give lecture entitled Vision: Its Affect on Learning and Attention and How Vision Therapy Can Help

Dr. Janet Wilamowski, a specially trained Developmental Optometrist, Vision Therapist, and CEO of The Vision Development Center of King of Prussia, PA will speak at the Radisson Valley Forge on February 10, 2009 on the topic of correcting misdiagnosed ADHD and learning problems with dramatic success through Vision Therapy.

It is widely acknowledged that many children across the country are incorrectly diagnosed with ADHD and learning disabilities.  Although it is unknown precisely how many of these children are actually experiencing visually related concentration problems, it is believed to be a startlingly high percentage!  And while the medications most often prescribed to help children suffering from ADHD and other forms of learning disabilities can be highly beneficial, they have little or no ability to help those suffering from visual disorders masquerading as ADHD.

This seminar has been developed for Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Counselors, Special Education Teachers, Reading Specialists, and School Nurses. The purpose is to demonstrate and convey why visual function and performance is intimately involved with reading, learning, and concentration. Interdisciplinary strategies for successful intervention will be explained and discussed. Through hands-on experience, participants will be introduced to multiple visual testing sequences, experience what it is like to have a visually-related concentration problem , learn how to identify a visually related concentration problem, and differentiate those with ADHD. This seminar will truly be an EYE-OPENER!
Qualified participants in the seminar given by Dr. Wilamowski were awarded continuing education credits and gave written feedback, including:

  • “Very important topic”
  • “Good information; the presentation was excellent, I learned so much!”
  • “Good information about visual acuity versus visual perception and processing”
  • “So much wonderful information”
  • “Presenter was approachable and knowledgeable”
  • “I was very impressed. I have students in my class who, if they were able to get Vision Therapy, would be put back in the regular education classroom!”
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