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Multi-Disciplinary Approach To Learning

Over the years, a number of professional disciplines have actively sought to understand the nature of learning problems. Unfortunately, each profession has often focused on its own narrow view of the issues. As a result these efforts have failed to address the holistic “big picture” of how all of the factors integrate to affect the total learning processes.
But now, a modern multi-disciplinary view has emerged that takes into account all of the key factors affecting learning, including:

  • visual perception
  • auditory proficiency
  • language skills
  • psychological and emotional aspects
  • neurological processes
  • social interactions
  • educational achievement

The multi-disciplinary view comprehensively assesses patients and yields the optimal treatment approach for overcoming learning and reading disabilities or attention deficit disorder.

What makes the Vision Development Center totally unique is that it is the only private practice in the Delaware valley to offer this comprehensive array of multi-disciplinary services.

Under the direction of Dr. Janet Wilamowski, an experienced multi-disciplinary practitioner and Developmental Optometrist, the Vision Development Center’s network of top professionals in the fields of psychology, reading/learning, occupational therapy/handwriting and speech/language employ a patient-centered team approach to successfully address the “whole array” of your child’s needs with the most effective and beneficial interventions.The Vision Development Center network’s combined skills and experience as a multi-disciplinary team has already enabled them to attain positive results in helping both children and adults overcome even the most severe learning/reading difficulties, build self-esteem, and realize their full potential.

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