Son diagnosed with receptive language problem

Dear Dr. Janet M. Wilamowski,

As you are aware, my son had Strabismus or “lazy eye.” At age five (5) he had an operation to correct it. While attending Kindergarten, he was diagnosed with a condition described as “receptive language problem.”

While attending a special school, I noticed that he could read the words on a flash card or work ring but not on the printed page. So l asked a doctor and friends if Strabismus affects reading. The special school was consulted but could not provide assistance.

By chance, I found a website with an article by Dr. Donald Getz. l thought l was reading an article about my son’s difficulties. The article went on to describe the difference between sight and vision. Eyesight is the ability to see clearly. Vision involves the brain and the interpretation of data brought in through eyes and sent to the brain for interpretation. Dr. Donald Getz went on to indicate that not all eye doctors examine these functions, which are so critical for the school-aged child and learning. This website fortunately directed me to you, Dr. Janet M. Wilamowski, O.D. -Telephone #610-783-1331.

For four (4) years my son had been reading at a first grade level at the special school; after six (6) months of your eye therapy, he was reading at a third grade level at public school. In nine (9) months time, he was reading at a fifth grade level at public school, all of which is to your extraordinary credit.

My appreciative thought as related to other children’s care by Dr. Wilamowski is that you may bring care and comfort to all children who have experienced our son’s former difficulties. At Upper Merion Middle School, John J. O’Brien, IV was chosen as the fifth (5th) grade student of the month of February 200I by the principal of the school. Good luck and call for any additional information and recommendation.

Very truly yours,
John J, O’Brien, Esquire

At the Vision Development Center we take pride in our reputation for seeing each child as a unique individual with special talents and gifts. We work with many children who face a variety of challenges from Developmental Delays to Learning Disabilities, ADD/ADHD etc.

All of these children have expressed how much they enjoy their time here because they are appreciated for their individuality and not viewed as a “diagnosis.” Unfortunately, all too often this is not a common experience for many of them in their daily lives. It is truly a joy to see these children explore and expand their abilities as they develop the skills whose absence had made efficient learning and adequate attention so difficult for them.

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